About Our Webinars

Join us for live webinars with various students and professionals in STEM fields!

STEM Potential hosts webinars with panelists, both students and career professionals, to give them the opportunity to share their unique experiences and personal stories. Our aim with these webinars is to also give students the opportunity to hear from professionals in their desired field, listen to advice, and ask their own specific questions to our panelists.

Upcoming Webinars

LGBTQ+ in STEM Webinars

On June 26th and June 27th, STEM Potential will be hosting a webinar with LGBTQ+ professionals in STEM. These panelists, from all around the world, will be speaking about their personal stories and sharing advice to students in similar positions.

Panelist biographies and details will be released soon and can be found here.

Archived Webinars

Women in STEM Webinar

In March, for Women’s History Month, STEM Potential hosted a 2-day live webinar series, with over 20 women over 5 sessions, including MDs, PhDs, and students at various stages of their career to share their journeys, provide advice, and answer questions. With only a 2-week notice, we had over 700 people attend and were humbled to have such a great turnout. After listening carefully to all of these women’s anecdotes, we were reminded of how special it is to see a community of women that have an incredible passion for STEM and can provide important insight into how women can be successful.

Panelist biographies, details about the event, and how to watch the webinar can be found here.

Fireside Chat with Emily Newman

In March (Women's History Month), as our very first webinar, STEM Potential hosted a one-on-one fireside chat with Emily Newman, a software engineer from NASA who worked on the recent Mars Rover project.

Panelist biography, details about the event, and how to watch the event can be found here.