STEM Potential Discord

What is the discord?

While in school over COVID, we noticed that many of our fellow students, especially from under-represented backgrounds, are hesitant or even afraid of pursuing their studies and a career in STEM. They lack access to mentors and information from professionals who are already in their careers. In February, we created an online discord called STEM Potential that currently has over 5,000 students mostly in their 20’s, from 94 countries! Along with a team of 20 moderators, we created an environment that fosters discussions in over 80 different chat rooms. Our discord consists of high school, college, medical, masters, phd students, and more. The platform humanized social media, students could chat and livestream with others of like-minded interests. With a common passion for STEM, our members form immediate bonds, share unique perspectives from diverse backgrounds, and ask many questions. The discord is free to join for students of any age level or STEM background. The video shows how to join the discord by filling out the survey and the discord can be found here.

How to Join the Discord

This video goes through all of the steps necessary to join the STEM Potential Discord. To gain access to the full server, you must first fill out a survey stating some information, such as your username, the school you go to, and what country you're from, among other things. Remember the discord is absolutely FREE for anyone to join!!