Mission & What We Are Doing With The Proceeds

Mission Statement

STEM Potential is a platform on which STEM students all across the globe can give and receive advice about academics as well as life in general, thereby allowing students to act as mentors and mentees, while also making friends by finding other people with common interests. We aim to encourage STEM students to not only recount their personal experiences but also ask questions of any kind, knowing they will be answered. Our hope is to connect students of diverse backgrounds who have similar interests in order to foster unique interactions between students. Everyone has a particular background with varied perspectives to offer other students on the platform, even though we might not know it in the moment. We envision a community of people that are unafraid to build their network and use every avenue to broaden their perspective of STEM. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

What are we doing with the proceeds?

STEM Potential, a nonprofit group, was founded in 2021. Its initial aim was to establish a community through which STEM students across the globe could be connected to students of diverse backgrounds with similar interests. STEM Potential believes that education is a right, not a privilege. Practice resources for widely-administered standardized exams, including but not limited to the MCAT and GRE, are notorious for costing several hundred dollars. As STEM Potential expands its mission, it seeks to provide underserved students with access to necessary study resources for standardized tests. We aim to subsidize such students once a month by providing them with access to these educational opportunities through donations, as well as, all proceeds from merchandise sales.